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Indian School Al Seeb is approved by the Ministry of Education, Oman, and has been affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, India. The Provisional affiliation is extended upto 2019.

The medium of instruction in the school is English, with Hindi or Malayalam as a second language till Class VIII. Arabic is the additional language from Class V to VIII fulfilling the requirement of a third language by the Central Board of Secondary Education for Indian students. In Class IX and X, Arabic, Malayalam and Hindi are offered as Second language options.

At present the School has classes from the Kindergarten to Class XII.

Affiliation No.: 6130011


Where Dreams unfold into Reality


The ISAS team strives to create a joyful and challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations of success through appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles. Our objectives is to maintain sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skill, enhance and promote excellence in teaching and learning, encourage the cultivation of relationship, service and community outreach, nurture and inspire character, commitment, creativity and learning and ensure a holistic development of a child by incorporating comprehensive academics, challenging athletics and strong human values. The school also strives to maintain an active partnership (involving students, staff, teachers, parents and the school management committee) to foster a climate that is safe and supportive and an academic environment that will enable our pupils to become productive, responsible citizens.


Education for Excellence

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In diversity there is beauty and there is strength


Students enjoy academics and sports excellence at both, junior and senior levels.


Students encourage us in broadening our perspectives, creating a thoughtful environment at Indian School.

School Annual

The Annual day function at Indian School, al Seeb is an expression of creativity and imagination portrayed by our students.

Meet the Students

Our students are our Brand Ambassadors and shall help the new parents help in a School visit. Call us to know more.

School reopens July 5th

Year-round open for parent visits

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Old friends return to Indian School campus

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Sports Activities

All the children at Indian School Al Seeb are encouraged to enroll in at least one sport of their choice. After all, Sportsmanship is the first step in nurturing tomorrow's stars.


Student safety is our top Priority

With CCTC installed at every nook and corner and Automatic attendance, you can rest assured of a safe place for your children.




I can't thank Indian School Teachers enough for how they have helped us.


Parents Love

Indian School

School Staff is amazing, very friendly and are wonderful with the children.

Arya Matthew

John's mother


Due to ever growing applications, Indian School has launched a new building.


School Staff
Not just Teachers, every single staff at Indian School is committed to Excellence in Education.


Our Alumni are our Brand Ambassadors! Need we say more?