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Indian School Al Seeb inaugurated the Bird Watching Club on 11th December in the School Library with the magnanimous support and co-operation of the School Management Committee and teamwork of the Officiating Principal Mr. Nagesh Kelkar and the coordinating staff with great vigor and enthusiasm. The club’s aim is to encourage and train the students in bird identification, record keeping, and bird survey.

The crowd waited with baited breath as Cdr. Mathew Abraham Retd. Sr. Principal and Educational Advisor gave a fascinating poer point presentation on how to identify and differentiate birds through keen observation. He advised the students to be patient and have a keen eye to watch the behaviour of birds. The veteran provost stressed on the importance of hobbies and their role in shaping a student’s personality. He gave very useful tips to the club members in their future endeavour such as wearing a comfortable dress, a pair of canvas shoes, a hat, a camera; carrying a book, pen/pencil and binoculars. He was simplicity personified when he gave interesting video images of rare moments of birds, techniques to identify birds and classification of various birds. A proforma on the same was given by the guest of honour to the club co-ordinators.

Throughout his interactive presentation, the students were highly attentive. The inspired students resolved to follow up bird watching in the future. They also demanded the club coordinators have a field trip on Bird Watching as soon as possible